IPD Department Room & Facilities

Patients Rooms and Amenities Pattaya International Hospital strives to provide the very best care for our patients and recognizes the importance of a healing environment during treatment and recovery. Our spacious sea-view rooms are equipped with a wide range of modern amenities for the comfort and convenience of our patients and family.

Patients will enjoy luxurious comfort combined with attentive hands-on services, which take the hospital stay experience to a new level. All accommodations feature contemporary décor and amenities (as listed below), and have been designed to foster patient wellness in a peaceful and relaxing setting.

A testament to our commitment in offering a holistic healthcare experience that is truly personalized; our patients are able to indulge in a selection of fine cuisines. From Western/European to Thai/vegetarian, patients can choose from a menu of over a 100 dishes, beverages, and desserts. Our aim is to provide a pleasant atmosphere that is conducive to healing, helping to pave the path to a full and successful recovery.

All rooms at Pattaya International Hospital include the following amenities:

          - Total Nursing Care System
          - Internet WI-FI
          - Meals – Breakfast, lunch and dinner
          - Private Bathroom & Shower
          - Refrigerator (Comes with beverages)
          - Air conditioning with a self-adjustable thermostat for your comfort
          - Two Flat Screens TV
          - Multi-lingual cable television and remote control
          - English & Thai language newspapers
          - Personal telephone for local and international calls
          - Furniture (Sofas, chairs, table, recliner)
          - Personal nurse call system
          - Built-in closets, cabinet, and tables
          - DVD player

Communication Service for International Patients:

          - English speaking nurse
          - International Coordinators and Translation Services
          - German, Russian, Arabic, and Mandarin languages

Safety features in patient room include:

          - Strong sterilization measures
          - Superior air-filtration with antimicrobial coating
          - 24/7 patient monitoring by highly trained nurses and doctors
          - Fire evacuation map and fire protection equipment

Smoking and Alcohol:

          - Smoking is allowed in designated outside areas, please check with the nursing staff
          - Restrictions on smoking and alcoholic beverages throughout the hospital are based on health, courtesy, legal and safety considerations
          - Patients and visitors are not permitted to bring alcohol to hospital
          - As smoking is detrimental to good health and also a fire hazard, patients and visitors are not permitted to smoke within the hospital.

For further information, contact the IPD Department Room & Facilities
7 th Floor Pattaya International Hospital
Call: +66 3842 8374 (20 LINE) fax: +66 3842 2773
Email: picpih@pih.co.th , picpih@pih-inter.com