The Importance of Health Check-ups

Today's medical expertise and technology have helped to improve the rate of successful diagnosis and treatments. With this in mind, getting regular health check-ups can go a long way to maximizing your well-being and living a long, healthy life.

Prevention and early detection are pivotal in tackling a number of health issues and can often help to save costs. At Pattaya International Hospital, we incorporate several tests, including preventative screenings and physical examinations to evaluate current health and potential risks. These may include popular procedures such as pap smear tests, blood pressure tests, cholesterol level checks, body mass index and obesity tests, and diabetes tests. If any problems are detected, your doctor will advise on and arrange appropriate treatment plans as required

Furthermore, getting regular health check-ups will help to save money in the long-term as minimizing the risk of potential health issues will lower risks for surgery and more extensive medical care in the future.

At Pattaya International Hospital, our doctors are prepared to offer a multidisciplinary approach to health check-ups and maintain a close relationship with patients in order to provide the highest standards of service.