Dr. Sunya Viravaidya, graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at Melbourne University in 1970. Prior to that he had attended the Prestigious Geelong Grammar School. Coming from a medical family, (Father, Dr. Samak and mother, Dr. Ella both graduated from Edinburgh University) Dr. Sunya was one of the very few Asians admitted to the Medical Faculty of Melbourne University at the time.

Dr. Sunya did his Internship at the Austin Hospital in Melbourne before returning to Thailand. Dr. Sunya then worked at the Ramathibodi (University) Hospital in Bangkok as a resident in the Department of Medicine before establishing the Pattaya International Clinic in 1974. By 1980 the one man show 1974 had progressed to a 25-bed hospital and a new 3 storey building. The new Pattaya International Hospital is the normal progression of that foundation. Dr. Sunya is proud to have had the opportunity to create a hospital. Which can rightfully be compared with the finest medical facilities and care offered anywhere in the world. The Pattaya International Hospital is the realization of a dream, dedicated to Dr. Ella (Isabella McKinnon Robertson) without whom, none of this would have happened.